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Just the highlights of the year

January: Epic ConFusion was indeed Epic in many ways.

February: The Ontario Library Association conference was fun and interesting and I went to Saturday programming and shopping for the first time.

March: held a birthday party after First Friday at Limbo a Sarnia bar and found that I know way  more women than men in the Sarnia area, and that this does not necessarily lead to an active dating life.

April: was commuter Penguicon my first commuter science fiction convention I won't do it again as its too easy to get locked out of your crash space.  The con itself was fun met with the folks of Scrub Club Records and hang out with a great bunch of people.

May: GenreCon the literary convention I started at the library I work at hits its tenth year! The other big event happened on Mother's Day when I adopted two orphaned kittens that my sister had been hand feeding since they were one week old.  They have been delighting and driving me crazy ever since. Finally my home town football team opened what would be a winning season.

June: I road the Big Bike for Cancer again and on surface streets for the first and in very cool weather. Next was volunteering again for Art Walk our local art and music festival. I also made it back to Michicon one of the oldest boardgaming conventions in America.

July: The usual Canada Day celebration, the third annual HadouCon anime convention that I run at the library, and my annual trip to the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

August:  was a train trip to Chicon 7 the world science fiction convention in Chicago where I got to spend time with old con friends and make some new ones.  I also got to meet astronaut Storey Musgrave a very cool person.

September: saw the rest of Chicon 7 and was otherwise quiet.

October: Was Star Wars Reads Day and Zombiefest.  People preferred the latter which was much more colourful.

November:  I ran Operations for the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto and flared my Plantar fasciitis such that it is still bothering me.  Like Chicon 7 I got to hang out with and work with some old con friends and again made some new ones. Spent the next weekend back in Toronto also at a convention the much more relaxing SFContario where I got to host and attend some great parties and have some great fun.

December: roadtripped to Watford to take the kittens to the vet for the first time and found that they are females not males like I had been told way back when they were younger.  In general I worked myself too hard this much and I hope I can relax more in the New Year.
Date: 2013-01-03 12:32 am (UTC)

ext_13495: (Default)
From: [identity profile]

Did you get them spayed, or might they have more kittens someday?

I understand female pets on average are healthier, but then again the only two cats I've known that got cancer were female (both recovered). I hope your cat parenthood goes well. Who knows, it might even help your dating prospects, provided you master the challenge of keeping the house clean and not smelling overwhelmingly of cat.

Sorry to hear about the plantar fasciitis. I got achilles tendonitis after my 3rd run chairing confusion, which is similar. Conrunning is not a habit that's easy on the feet. Did they warn you that overly tight tendons can lead to bone spurs? Custom orthotics are a recommendation I wish I'd heeded back when I could easily afford them.
Date: 2013-01-21 07:10 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
They are getting spayed on Thursday.

I am looking into getting orthotics through work.
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