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DDG 1001 will be the second Zumwalt Class destroyer. What will be her name?
None of the above submit your choice
280 90.9%

USS Boorda
9 2.9%

USS Kelso
4 1.3%

USS Trost
4 1.3%

USS Holloway
3 1%

USS Mullen
3 1%

USS Clark
2 0.6%

USS Hayward
2 0.6%

USS Watkins
1 0.3%

USS Johnson
0 0%

USS Moorer
0 0%

Number of Voters : 308
First Vote : Monday, 19 June 2006 09:35
Last Vote : Saturday, 19 August 2006 16:25

Although we cannot assume all write in votes are for Heinlein it would be nice if they were.

I am surprised Boorda is leading. If you wonder why check out his life:
jeffreyab: (Lightning)
"U.S.S. Robert A. Heinlein
The U.S. Navy is looking for a name for its new Zumwalt Class destroyer. Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts (who you may know from fandom; she was on the infamous "Tea Party" panel at the last Penguicon) came up with the wonderful idea that we should recommend they name it for Robert A. Heinlein, since the 100th anniversary of his birth is next July, and since he was a graduate of the Naval Academy (class of 1929).

I found out about this through pauamma; if you'd like to see Barbara's original entry, it's here.

In any case, I think it's a great idea, and I encourage you to vote if you're so inclined. Here's how:

(1) Go to - on the right side of the page you'll see the survey and a list of names. Since Heinlein isn't listed, click on "None of the above" and submit your vote.

(2) After this, you'll need to click "Submit your choice" - this should open up a new message window in your e-mail client. (If you have any problem with this, e-mail

And please pass this along if you'd like.

[Edit: If you're not inclined to vote for Heinlein, I hope you'll vote for someone else.] "

Jeff: The competition is recent Chief's of Naval Operations,
James Holloway who served at Surgiao Straight on destroyers, in jets over Korea and lead the Seventh Fleet in action versus North Vietnam seems to be the main competition.
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