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April, May, June - recruit staff and plan main structure, research GOH's

July and August - brainstorm ideas for big items, use research to create panel topics, decide room usage

September after Labour Day - contact past and new panelists about returning, canvass mailing lists for fan panels

October - put grid together and return info to attending panelists for overview, refine grid

November - results to program book and webpage, proof results and get independent reviewer to do so too.

Note: reviewing program book easily took three hours this year and ideally could use more time.

Brainstorming meetings should run 2 to 3 hours with breaks, its better to have everyone involved with this as they might pick up details you missed.

If possible Programming should be able to talk to GOH's directly, going through liasons adds to time lag and can cause communication of ideas/concepts problems.
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Starting my review of programming:

Missing from last year was 10 pm panels on Friday, but we had only one less panel and one of those ran for 2 hours;

10 AM panels on Saturday but last year mixed in signings with panels;

11 AM panels on Sunday except for the whip demo and a coffee with and

All gaming events because we went to open gaming which appears to have worked very well the room was always full.

Fewer big name author panelists balanced by using workshoppers on panels at their request.

Readings in consuite too noisy and clashed with folks wanting to eat at tables.

Press Room for zine and Infusion newsletter. Hotel computer was very handy for printing stuff off.

Based on attendance we could split Denn i and Denn II and have two rooms on Friday.

Layout in Med Room needs to be watched, someone moved tables and dessert eaters flowed into gaming area which did not happen last year. Also need to leave tables empty for Junk pile wars at 6 on Saturday hide them from gamers.

Art Room was chaotic but offered a wide range of presentations from anime to sculpture to books.
Needs a room boss/scheduler of presentations.

Green Room's location needs to be part of personal schedules and repeated by person doing panelist checkin.

List of past GOH's etc. expected to attend and badges for them, Fan GOH's reminded of Fan GOH panel.

Bill Kolosa to run Anime/Video Room next year with equipment in pet cage. Spirited Away anime by day balanced with Ghost in shell at night?

All departments to have prelim list panels in by mid November if possible.
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