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With much unneeded angst as is turned out.

Firstly Douglas Adams would not be proud I forgot my towel but luckily cottages usually have surplus towels.

Thursday I got away with out a time cushion which was too bad because someone dropped his boat on the 401 and I had to wait 30 minutes while they cleared it.

Picked up someone I had never met In Mississauga and we talked about that city, teaching at university until we picked up our other travelling companion at the Wilson subway station in Toronto. We found out this pickup site lacks both escalator and an elevator sorry wheelchair folk.

So for the first time in a while I was going somewhere not alone. Indicator was that the radio stayed off all the way to Ottawa. Dropped off one person and the other and I had Chinese for dinner and headed for the cottage. Navigation went well until about the last 20 feet. Seven hours of travel left me a bit loopy so I parked the car and walked ahead to confirm we were on the right road and not some abandoned logging trail.

Friday we had breakfast and played a short game of India Rails that lasted seven hours.

Saturday was more gaming and swimming followed by pasta and more gaming.

Sunday we had breakfast gamed, went swimming and then after dinner headed into town towing a branch with the undercarriage. We had brief stops to unhook the branch and get a splash of fuel.
My housemate for the night had just sat down to game when the door bell rang. Our other travelling companion had left her purse in my car and walked over to get it. She was easily talked into a game and then I dropped her off.

Monday was spent at the new Canadian War Museum. It is an upgrade but is still a work in progress. Highlights are the free reference library attached to it, a display of music videos inspired by the Cold War; a simulation of a Third World War, we lose by the way;, helpful volunteers who can tell you how to steer a Bren gun carrier, a small tracked vehicle; and a basement full of military vehicles including several of the afore mentioned Bren gun carrier and on example of Canada's own Ram tank. Dinner was a fine Indian buffet followed by a walking tour of the Ottawa market and a late night Chinese snack.

Tuesday was a trip to a T-Rex of gaming stores Fandom II in continuous business since 1977 and with a line up of stock I have not seen since the early 90's. I had to restrain myself but did buy a few things. The rest of the day had visits to the Ottawa Public Library old at 30 and in need of replacement and a return to the War Museum library to do a little research. The evening was a return home via downtown Kingston and an overnight in Mississauga.

Wednesday I spent in London buying clothes, books, DVDs and an air conditioner.

So I ate of lot of good food, played a lot of games with fun people and generally relaxed.

I also read "The Kindness of Women" by J.G. Ballard our next book club book. Nicely written it covers his life from the Chinese attack on the Japanese in Shanghai in 1937 it will be interesting the see how the group deals with the detailed sex scenes which my mother neglected to tell me about after she read it.

Overall I am more relaxed and less angsty but still wistful about the lack of a life partner.
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