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For Bill Putt:

Hey all,
I need to make a correction. My minister of publicity had the
wrong date on his calender. Fortunetly another concom member caught it
just now. The precon will be Saturday the Sept 24th NOT the 17th.

Still starting at 6pm at the Novi Double Tree for directions. Hope to see you all there.

Bill Putt

Conchair for ConVersation 2006

Conversation 2006 will be….

July 28th – 30th

The hotel contract is already signed so this is the final change. The
reason for the change mostly has to do with timing of other events in
Aug and the concom all agreed that a late July date works best. Also,
it now puts all 4 cons exactly 3 months apart from each other. YAY symmetry.

In the 1st update, I only stated that the con would mostly likely be in
Novi. Since we now have a hotel contract, I can now announce at which
hotel it will be held.

The Novi Double Tree

It's a BEAUTIFUL hotel across the freeway from Novi Expo Center and
across the street from the Twelve Oaks Mall. Free wireless internet,
indoor and outdoor pools with atriums, and lots of great restaurants
in the area. I couldn't ask for a better hotel for a Relaxacon.

The website is now updated with all of this information and
instructions regarding registration. Check it out…

One detail I want to mention. The concom have all decided we want to
make this an adults-only event. So we have made the minimum age to
attend 16. We know this will be controversial, but its something we
want and something we feel will create a more relaxing atmosphere.

To introduce every one to the hotel, and to try to raise some
much-needed publicity money, we are having a Pre-Con Event! Think of
it a room party with out the con
The Pre-con will be..

September 17th 2005 at the Novi Double Tree starting at 6pm.

We are asking for a donation of $5 for the event unless you pre reg
for the con. Pre reg price is currently $20. We will be serving pizza,
pop, and snacks. It will be in the same room we will have consuite in,
which includes a JACUZZI! So bring your swim trunks. Attendees are
also welcome to use the hotel's pool. We will also have light gaming,
so bring your Apples to Apple, Munchkin, Fluxx, or what ever else you
have. Check the website for directions to the hotel.

Tell all your friends and bring them along and hope to see you all

Bill Putt

Conchair for ConVersation 2006
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