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To quote my friend Derek:

"In the late seventies, the music world was pretty dismal. Mainstream radio was horrendous - so I turned back to fifties rockabilly and what punk I could find. Then I discovered the Cramps, who were a perfect mixture of the two."

Derek's music website:

NSFW note: The video features the dancing of Betty Page

The Cramps homepage:

A quote from there:

In the spring of 1976, The CRAMPS began to fester in a NYC apartment. Without fresh air or natural light, the group developed its uniquely mutant strain of rock’n’roll aided only by the sickly blue rays of late night TV. While the jackhammer rhythms of punk were proliferating in NYC, The CRAMPS dove into the deepest recesses of the rock’n’roll psyche for the most primal of all rhythmic impulses — rockabilly — the sound of southern culture falling apart in a blaze of shudders and hiccups. As late night sci-fi reruns colored the room, The CRAMPS also picked and chose amongst the psychotic debris of previous rock eras - instrumental rock, surf, psychedelia, and sixties punk. And then they added the junkiest element of all — themselves.

— J. H. Sasfy, Professor of Rockology
from the liner notes of The Cramps 1979 release Gravest Hits
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Gary US Bonds talks about how the song broke and his relationship with the Beatles:

Gary U.S. Bonds was born Gary Anderson in Jacksonville, Florida and grew up in Norfolk Virginia. He started singing in church and with a group called The Turks. When The Turks joined Legrand Records they changed his name to US Bonds to get more air play, that back fired when people thought it was a band name so Gary was added. "New Orleans" was his first big hit and "Quarter to Three" his only gold record. Bonds was a stealth releaser such that he had charted 3 times on the pop charts before anyone knew he was black. In 1963 he toured Europe with the Beatles as an opening act. Always a songwriter he was nominated for the Country Music Association's "Song of the Year" in 1972 for "She's All I Got", co-written by Jerry Williams, Jr. (better known as Swamp Dogg)and sung by Johnny Paycheck.
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