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I will be running the following events November 17-19, 2006 at UCON the premiere games convention of South Eastern Michigan:

RP-FR19-09 GURPS Traveller: "Who Dares, Might Survive!", GM: Jeff Beeler, 2 - 9 players, 1-A, Friday 7p - 11p.

Your Imperial Marine Fire Team has been assigned to boring customs inspection duty. Boring that is until the free trader Tristan exits jump. Its not repsonding to hails, there is a VIP or two aboard and its heading straight for the orbital high port! You have a limited amount of time to rectify the situation $3.00

BG-SA19-03 Avalon Hill's History of the World: Rule History!, GM: Jeff Beeler, 2 - 6 players, 1-A, Saturday 7p - 11p.

Ever wanted to create a dynasty that dominates history? In this fast paced game of only 7 turns you run a different empire ever time and try to paint the map your colour and be the dominant force in history! The game will be played with some second edition rules to speed up play. $3.00

BG-SU12-11 Survival of the Witless: Ever thought about getting your Phd?, GM: Jeff Beeler, 3 - 8 players, 1-A, Sunday 12p - 4p.

So you got your undergrad degree and now you are thinking about graduate school? Well in this game the process is all laid out for you, you publish or perish, try not to earn teaching awards, throw Christmas parties, seduce your boss and change sexual orientation, all in the name of scholarship! $3.00

If you are in Ann Arbor consider coming out for some interesting and fun gaming experiences!

More info on UCON here:
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